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When it comes to penis massager, for me, Cobra Libre II from Fun Factory is the number #1. No need to stroke, squeeze or thrust the whole of your dick, the device only stimulates the head of penis but helps you have orgasm and cum mens sex toy

Cobra Libre II


Cobra Libre II features

🌟 2 motors equipped for strong vibrations. With multiple vibration patterns and intensities, you’re in control of sculpting your pleasure experience to perfection.

🔥 High-quality silicone of the inner sleeve is safe for your skin, making the device easy to clean.

🔒 Compact and discreet design making it very travel-friendly. 

🎵 With its ergonomic design, the Cobra Libre II provides hands-free stimulation, freeing your hands to explore other pleasures.

🔌 The Cobra Libre II is rechargeable, eliminating the hassle of disposable batteries. Experience pleasure while minimizing your ecological footprint.

🌐Suitable for both solo and partner play

The Cobra Libre II’s unique design and powerful vibrations certainly target every erogenous zone for an electrifying feeling that you have never experienced before.

Unveil the world of pleasure that awaits you. Elevate your sensations, redefine intimacy—experience the Cobra Libre II revolution today. With its innovative features and luxurious design, it’s time to embark on a journey of pleasure like no other. Try the Cobra Libre II and discover the pinnacle of sensual satisfaction.


Fun Factory offers Cobra Libre II at $129.99

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Free Shipping for Cobra Libre II

Your order of Cobra Libre II certainly receives free shipping via USPS FIRST-CLASS MAIL SHIPPING offer because its price is over $29, the required minimum spending.

Want to receive the product faster, choose other shipping methods at checkout but you have to pay the fee:

  • USPS Priority Mail: $25.00
  • USPS Priority Mail Express: $45.00
  • UPS Next Day Air*: $75.00

How to use Cobra Libre II

Here’s a guide on how to use the Cobra Libre II.

  • Charge the Device

Before using the Cobra Libre II, ensure it’s fully charged. Connect the magnetic charging cable to the device’s port and plug it into a USB charger or a computer. A full charge typically takes a few hours, and the device’s LED will indicate when it’s ready.

  • Rinse it with water for hygiene

Always clean your sex toy before and after use. The Cobra Libre II is waterproof, so you can wash it under running water or with a sex toy cleaner. Make sure it’s dry before using it.

  • Apply Lubricant

Apply a water-based lubricant generously to the opening of the Cobra Libre II and a bit on the penis. Lubrication enhances comfort and reduces friction.

  • Insert your penis in

Lie back in a comfortable position and spread your legs slightly. Hold the Cobra Libre II with the control buttons facing up. Insert the head of your penis into the opening. It’s designed to snugly fit most penis sizes.

  • Turning It On and Use

To turn on the device, press and hold the “+” button for a few seconds. You’ll feel the vibrations start, and the device will come to life.

Use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations. Experiment to find the setting that suits your preference.

The Cobra Libre II offers a range of vibration patterns and intensities. Once you’ve found your desired setting, you can relax and enjoy hands-free stimulation. The Cobra Libre II is designed to stimulate the head of the penis and the frenulum, offering unique sensations that can lead to intense orgasms.

Feel free to experiment with different vibration patterns and intensities to discover what feels best for you. Some users prefer prolonged stimulation, while others may prefer shorter bursts.

  • Post care

After you’ve achieved your desired level of pleasure, turn off the device by holding the “-” button. Remove the Cobra Libre II carefully and clean it as mentioned in step 2.

Store your Cobra Libre II in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep it in its original storage pouch or a clean container to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on the penis massager.


5.79 in (outside), 3.15 in (inside) and Ø 1.69 in


0.66 lb

Battery Life

40 – 120 minutes

Charging Time

16 hours initial charge


Body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic silicone


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