Tantus Rumble Massager with 7 Vibrating Levels




Tantus Rumble massager is a vibrator for men or anyone who wants to screw themselves.

The toy provides an excellent deep vibration, which is perfect for beginners, intermediate, or advanced players.

It is really functionally built for everybody with any body type. It works right-handed or left-handed.

Tantus rumble massager is completely ultra-light.

When you turn the toy on, it moves and conforms to whatever size you are.

The design of Tantus Rumble is logical. Why do I say that? Because the plus and the minus buttons to adjust the vibrating levels are far from the powerful button. So you will never be afraid of accidentally turning the toy off while enjoying the massaging session.

The head of Tantus Rumble is removable so you can clean it easily.

The battery can last for 5 hours

Tantus Rumble has 7 levels of vibration, making it the perfect choice for any body type.

Tantus Rumble

Tantus rumble massager price

Tantus Rumble has the original price of $84, but now it is time to enjoy the sale-off price of $59 only.

Besides, you can combine the order with a Tantus coupon code, perhaps you are lucky to get a new marked-down price that is under $59.

Tantus rumble review

The Tantus Rumble has received positive reviews from customers. While it may not be the most powerful vibrator on the market, its gentler stimulation and premium silicone construction provide a pleasurable experience. Its unique hockey puck-shaped head offers versatility, allowing users to target different areas with ease. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to use, and the absence of a travel lock is a minor drawback.

One customer with sensory issues found the Tantus Rumble to be a game changer, as it offered comfortable and satisfying vibrations without triggering discomfort. The design, handle angle, and silicone head shape make it user-friendly, and it’s ideal for both solo and couples’ use. The vibrator’s adjustable intensity settings and the ability to go from low to high intensity are appreciated, particularly for edging. The product’s thoughtful design, efficient charging, and easy cleaning add to its appeal.

Overall, the Tantus Rumble massager has received praise for its comfort, versatility, and user-friendly design. Considering the positive feedback, it deserves a 4.5-star rating.

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Additional information


Head Width: 2.4"
Head Height: 1.5"
Full Length: 8.5"
Weight: 6.6oz


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