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If you are unconfident with your penis size or just want to improve your ED capability , why don’t you give it with Bathmate Hydromax pump series from Bathmate. The revolutionary pumps will help you unlock your full potential. Yes, more than 90% of men who have been using Hydromax are satisfied with the results after 2 months using it. So, what is special in this penis pump series? Explore with sex toy 4 men

What is a hydromax pump?

The Hydromax pump is a penis pump designed by Bathmate to improve male sexual health by using water pressure to create a vacuum around the penis, potentially leading to temporary size increase and improved erectile function. Hydromax series is more powerful than Hydro series by 35%.

Hydromax Penis pump review

In this series, you can choose from

  • Hydromax3
  • Hydromax5
  • Hydromax 7
  • Hydromax7 wide boy
  • Hydromax9

The number implies the maximum size of penis when erect (in inch)

How to use hydromax pump?

  1. Fill the Pump with Water: Fill the pump with water while submerged in a bath or shower.
  2. Place the Pump: Insert your flaccid penis into the pump’s opening, making sure a proper seal is formed between the pump and your body.
  3. Create a Vacuum: Gradually pump out water to create a vacuum, which should draw blood into the penis. This might lead to temporary swelling and engorgement.
  4. Pumping Session: Pump for about 15-20 minutes, maintaining a comfortable level of pressure. Avoid excessive pressure to prevent injury.
  5. Release Pressure: To release the pressure, press the quick-release valve or release the vacuum manually.
  6. Repeat Regularly: For potential benefits, use the pump consistently over weeks or months. Start slowly and gradually increase usage as you become more accustomed to the device.
  7. Hygiene and Safety: ALways Keep the pump clean and sanitized to prevent infections. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns.

Before and after using Hydromax pump

Before using the Hydromax pump, users shared their initial skepticism, yet their positive experiences after consistent use are evident. Gradual size improvements and increased confidence are reported across different models.

For example, one user noticed steady growth with daily use of Hydro 7, while the Hydromax5 garnered praise for its appropriate sizing and significant progress.

The Hydromax7’s power in enhancing erection quality received high praise, and the Hydromax9, designed for more endowed users, impressed with its quality and effective results.

Overall, the reviews echo genuine satisfaction, showcasing the pump’s potential to positively impact users’ sexual health and confidence.

Does Hydromax pump really work?

The effectiveness of the Hydromax pump can vary from person to person. Some users report positive results in terms of temporary size increase and improved erectile function with consistent use. If Hydromax works, you can expect 0.5-1 inch change in size. Meanwhile, some may not experience significant changes.

Hydromax pump price

Product Price
Hydromax3 $139.99
Hydromax5 $149.99
Hydromax 7 $169.99
Hydromax7 wide boy $189.99
Hydromax9 $209.99


Shipping policy

Luckily, Bathmate can ship Hydromax pump to over 90 countries. Free shipping is applied to any order, wherever you are.

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Blue, White, Red


1-9 inch


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