How To Sissygasm: New Guide 2023 To Have Sissygasm

Trying sissygasm is so intense, so uniquely satisfying, that I couldn’t keep it to myself. If you’re curious about the world of sissygasm and eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sensual exploration, you’re in the right place. Join me as I share my personal experience, insights, and tips on how to achieve this extraordinary and deeply fulfilling experience.

Before learning how to sissygasm, let’s prepare with some basic knowledge about it

What is a sissygasm?

The term “sissygasm” is used to describe the intense sexual pleasure or orgasm that some people in these roles may experience when engaging in activities related to their sissy or feminization fantasies.

To make it easier to understand, sissygasm is a hand-free orgasm that you can achieve through different erogenous zones like the prostate gland, nipples, and perineum without stimulating penis. 

Do you know what sissy is? The term “sissy” here is often associated with people who enjoy taking on a submissive or feminized role in BDSM or fetish play. They may dress in women’s clothing, adopt feminine mannerisms, or engage in other activities that align with their chosen role. When they do that with sexual activities, they have orgasm. 

what is sissygasm

Sissygasm is not a common sexual orientation. Not everyone experiences or seeks to have a sissygasm. But if you are curious about it and want to try, I am sure sissygasm is worth your trying. 

What does a sissygasm feel like?

People say that physical sensations of sissygasm are more intense and prolonged compared to typical orgasms. They may feel heightened sensitivity and a stronger buildup of sexual tension.

When I experience sissygasm, it was such a fulfilling feeling from the physical body and mind.  It gave me physical pleasure and a strong mental and emotional component. While other people report feeling a deep sense of submission, surrender, and vulnerability, which can enhance the overall experience.

Read more about Sissygasm Reddit to explore how people feel when they achieve sissygasm. Make sure that you are 18+ to join the thread and watch sissygasm videos. 

Who wants sissygasm?

Normally, sissygasm is associated with male individuals who want to engage in sissy play. Sissygasm works best for those who  want to explore submissive roles in their sexual experiences. They enjoy the feeling of being controlled, dominated, or feminized by a partner.

Many trans men also want sissygasm. But note that not everyone who likes sissygasm can achieve it. This kind of orgasm take time to do it properly.

How to have a sissygasm? 

how to sissygasm

Despite trying anal play for 10 or 20 minutes with different sex toys, many people can’t have sissygasm. It actually requires patience and techniques to get sissygasm. Below is what you can do. 

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How to sissygasm in solo play

  1. Take time to understand your desires, interests, and fantasies related to sissy play. I advise you to refrain from masturbating in at least one week so you are hornier and desire to reach orgasm more. 
  2. Find a safe, private, and comfortable space where you can engage in your solo sissy play without interruptions. It can be your private bedroom. Make sure that the bedding stuffs are clean, neat, and tidy
  3. If you enjoy dressing up in feminine clothing or adopting a sissy persona, choose outfits that make you feel sexy and confident. 
  4. Apply masturbation techniques that work for you: They can be vibrating the testicles, playing with your nipples, using sex toys to stimulate the prostate ( I recommend using lelo billy 2 prostate massageLovense Edge 2). You can watch pornographic photos and videos during masturbation to create a more mental scenario and enhance visualization. 
  5. Be relaxed and patient until you get an orgasm and cum. 

How to have a sissygasm in partner play

The sissygasm guide in partner play is similar to in solo play. But you need to

Firstly, discuss your interests, boundaries, and expectations beforehand to ensure everyone is comfortable and on the same page.

Secondly, prepare for space, dress-up before the play. 

Then use sex toys or your partner penis to stimulate erogenous zones

Some key takeaways

  • Understand that reaching a sissygasm may not happen every time or in every session. Be patient and open to exploring different techniques and scenarios to find what works best for you.
  • Use soft fabrics, lingerie, makeup, perfumes, or scents that make you feel feminine and sensuous.
  • Engage in extended foreplay and teasing to build anticipation and desire. Explore light bondage, blindfolding, and other forms of sensory deprivation to heighten excitement.
  • There are various educational resources, books, online forums, and websites that provide information and guidance on sissy play and BDSM. These resources can help you better understand the dynamics, safety considerations, and techniques associated with these activities.

Final words

We have walked you through the journey to discovering how to sissygasm. Sissygasm begins with self-exploration, open communication with your partner(s), and the establishment of clear boundaries and consent. Through role-playing, sensory stimulation, and a deep connection with your desires, you can embark on a path of self-discovery and sexual fulfillment. 

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