How to clean a fleshlight? Extend its lifespan by 2 years++

The quality of craftsmanship and materials tends to diminish over time in the lifespan of a man’s sex toy. Therefore, properly maintaining and cleaning a Fleshlight is essential to ensure durability and maintain the experience as intended from the initial purchase.

Sex toys from the Fleshlight brand are no exception. These products are expensive, making it impractical to quickly replace your existing one. In this guide, will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean and care for a Fleshlight from A to Z.

Please note that our instructions are shared to maximize the lifespan of your male masturbator. Each step in our guide is not intended to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions but is based on the shop’s usage experience. However, adhering to as many of these tips as possible will undoubtedly help ensure the longevity of your product over time.

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How often should you clean your Fleshlight?

Those who use Fleshlight’s products often have a specific toy that requires regular cleaning. For me, these include the Fleshlight Girl and the handheld Fleshlight USA Crystal Masturbator.

It’s important to note that every time you use Fleshlight for a solo, whether with lubricant, ejaculation or without, you leave skin cells, body oils, and various other substances inside the vagina-like sleeve. You need to clean Fleshlight immediately after each use, especially after ejaculation. This is crucial to prevent the growth of bacteria and the development of unpleasant odors inside the vaginal sleeve.

What to prepare?

Before learning how to clean your Fleshlight, you need to understand what constitutes the composition of the Fleshlight vagina. Most male sex toys of this type typically use silicone, as it is easy to mass-produce and provides a comfortable feel on the male genitalia.

However, this is not the case for Fleshlight’s vaginal sleeve; they are made from a material called SuperSkin, primarily composed of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Essentially, this is a preferred term for a stretchy, heat-sensitive plastic.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has significant advantages in terms of user experience, creating a much more intense and lifelike sensation. It also has notable disadvantages compared to silicone, as it is not as strong or durable, and cannot withstand boiling or be cleaned with regular hygiene solutions.

The most crucial consideration when maintaining your product is preventing odors, which is much easier than treating them. Not only does it help prevent bacteria from entering your sex toy more easily than removing them, but these cleaning steps take only 5 to 10 minutes in total, giving you no reason not to perform them regularly.

Items needed for cleaning the fake vagina:

  1. Nozzle and basin
  2. Paper towels
  3. Cleaning solution
  4. Suitable drying area
  5. Drying tools: Moisture-absorbing sticks, hairdryer, etc

How to clean a Fleshlight? 6 steps in details

Remove the inner vaginal sleeve from your Fleshlight. This is easily done by unscrewing both end caps from the device and grasping the edge of the vaginal sleeve, pulling it out in a slow and gentle motion.

Step #1: Rinse it with warm water

How to clean a fleshlight

Let warm water flow through the device for about a continuous minute, making sure to vigorously knead and squeeze the entire length of the vaginal sleeve (the entire length, including the upper part of the vagina) to expel as much remaining lubricant as possible.

Step #2: Clean the case and cap

clean the case and cap

Clean and wash the casing and end caps.

Step #3: Clean with chemical elements

This step is perhaps the most variable and can be controversial; the choice of a cleaning solution for the vaginal sleeve is crucial because warm water alone is not enough to ensure a hygienic environment for such a sensitive part of your body.

Absolutely ruled out is soap. Why, you ask? Soap facilitates breaking down the TPE layer of the sleeve and creates microgrooves inside the device, reducing its lifespan by diminishing durability and tensile strength, as well as creating perfect pockets for trapped moisture to become a breeding ground for bacteria. This applies only to the vaginal sleeve; soap is perfectly fine to use on the plastic casing.

This leads to two choices: Isopropyl alcohol or Fleshwash, a specially formulated product by the company. Both serve to thoroughly clean the vaginal sleeve and get it ready for the next loving use. However, many users report that regular use of alcohol-based solutions for cleaning the SuperSkin vaginal sleeve will make it extremely sticky and make wiping more challenging as particles and fibers adhere more to the material. Mouthwash, alcohol-free yet effective, is a good alternative to consider.

Once you’ve chosen your selected cleaning solution, fold the vaginal sleeve in half with both ends facing upwards. Pour just enough solution into the vaginal sleeve so that you can move the solution back and forth inside the vaginal sleeve without it spilling out of both ends. Ensure you massage the solution deep into all the ridges and crevices of the vaginal sleeve to ensure thorough cleaning. Lastly, pour a bit of the solution onto your hand and wipe the entire exterior of the vaginal sleeve and the top opening of the vagina, ensuring gentle coverage with your Fleshlight.

Now, you can unfold the vaginal sleeve and let the solution drain into the basin.

Step #4: Clean with a paper towel

Place the vaginal sleeve on a paper towel to air dry for the next steps; this will allow time for the exterior of the vaginal sleeve to dry.

Clean all four parts of the plastic casing, the two end caps, the retaining ring, and the main body. Wash them with soap and warm water. These pieces can withstand soap usage, so no additional specialized items are needed. You must wash off all soap residue on the fabric pieces, being more meticulous to remove all residue from the seams of the fabric pieces.

Completely dry all pieces with paper towels, place them on a sanitary surface, and only insert the retaining ring back into the inside of the main plastic body, now set the end cap aside.

Step #5: Dry the SuperSkin sleeve

Place the SuperSkin sleeve back into the plastic casing and set all pieces somewhere to dry completely. This process may take up to an hour, with more time allocated if you are dealing with humid conditions where you live.

Step #6: add a light layer of cornstarch (optional)

After the device has completely dried, add a light layer of cornstarch to your Fleshlight, and then you can reattach the end caps.

Congratulations, your Fleshlight is now clean and ready for another intense session! Try not to wear it out too quickly and have to start all over again!

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